NTT AI Dating Sim .

Japan's generation Z aren't making personal connections at the same rate of previous generations, resulting in a population in the midst of an aging crisis. Real-world dating is marred by the fear of rejection, and the youth of today are retreating towards dating simulators to fill the void. We saw an opportunity to bridge the gap of the virtual date to the real-world date through the use of an AI powered dating avatar.

Users would see a single AI-driven dating avatar that would suggest activities in the real world to do together, and whose personality would develop over time. In reality the single avatar would represent a continually narrowing dating pool with crowd-sourced responses being pooled thanks to Natural Language Processing. Ultimately leading to users finding their real-world matches with the same interests and desires they're looking for.

This live POC launched the NLP Avatar Personality Engine for NTT, which will soon power several company mascots around Japan.